The power of your breath

Intentional breathing For a number of years now I have become more intentional in my breathing. The more I have learnt about the body-mind connection, the more I have aimed to incorporate simple practices in to my life to help me stay present, calm and able to think clearly. Working with breath is an ancient … Read more

how to say sorry

The art of apologising

Why is it so hard to say sorry, and why it is so important for relationships When you say sorry, do you feel like you’re giving in, you’ve ‘lost’, you are losing power? Perhaps we’re not well equipped to apologise well. Perhaps ‘I’m sorry’ is too often seen as an admission of inadequacy. I grew … Read more

clear sky after stormy weather

Ways to live with global uncertainty

As I write this I’m aware that just thinking about COVID-19 and the situation we find ourselves in has raised my heart rate and created a sick feeling in my stomach. Things feel out of our control in a way most of us will never have experienced before. Resisting this reality will only serve to … Read more


Counselling for trainee therapists

When I began my studies to be a counsellor – over 13 years ago now – we were required to be in therapy throughout the course of our diploma. It was strangely one of the most debated aspects of the course with some students feeling it was not a necessary part of the studies. And … Read more

Just Breathe

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Understanding what the symptoms of anxiety are can help you feel better in control of your anxiety. Being more informed about anxiety symptoms can help break the cycle of feeling anxious, experiencing physical symptoms, being worried about the body experiences, and becoming more anxious. Anxiety symptoms – the link between body and mind I’m reading … Read more

over the phone

Online counselling vs face-to-face counselling

Which is more effective: online or face-to-face counselling? Perhaps a more useful question would be what kind of therapy – online counselling or face-to-face counselling – is better for my particular circumstances? With the huge expansion of people using the digital environment to support their health and wellbeing, online counselling is increasing in popularity. Many … Read more


What is Email counselling?

Email counselling is an asynchronous method of communication where clients don’t get an immediate ‘real time’ response. Time to reflect Some clients find it very therapeutic to take time to reflect on and write about their thoughts, worries and feelings. Articulating your thoughts, feelings or anxieties can help your journey of self-awareness and give insight … Read more

person doing video chat counselling over video or therapy over the phone

What is Video counselling

Video counselling works in much the same way as face to face counselling does. It is helpful to ensure you have a private, quiet setting where you feel safe and comfortable for the duration of the session. You may want to use headphones with a microphone for the conversation.  How long is a virtual therapy session? The … Read more