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I immediately felt a sense trust and safety

A friend recommended Emma to me and I am so glad I followed up as working with her was an ultimate pleasure. I immediately felt a sense trust and safety

Emma is a very approachable, nurturing and kind person. With a very calm and grounded style Emma gave me the space to be myself as well as the time to reflect during our sessions

I was always amazed at Emma’s ability to remember facts and information shared with her and this made our sessions so much more productive.

I went to Emma about a very specific situation in my professional life, Emma’s career experience (not just as a therapist and counsellor but previously as a office professional) helped me to accept, let go and move on with ease.

I love that Emma has the option of face to face and telephone sessions as this really fitted with my work schedules.

September 2023

I felt so relaxed and able to express everything

“I went into therapy with an open mind but I held my reservations of how much it would help me. Emma absolutely rid me of all of those reservations. Before my sessions with Emma I have had previously had unsuccessful and unprofessional therapists attempt to help me. However, with Emma I felt so relaxed and so able to express and deal with everything I needed help with. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me through the time in which I was struggling. I whole heartedly would recommend Emma to anyone who needs a space to talk about their issues in a completely un-judged and accepted space”

July 2021

Instantly made me feel at ease

Emma has helped me so much in such a short space of time, completely changing the way I think to be more positive and a brighter outlook on life. Offering the warmest welcomes she really does make you feel at ease the minute you enter

January 2021

I feel more empowered in my counsellor training

Emma has offered me a safe space to explore the many emotions, conflicts and vulnerabilities that have been uncovered during my counsellor training. Her approach has challenged me and enabled me to process so much about myself and my relationships with others. As a result of this I have felt empowered to make positive changes to my own life and my way of being. I’ve relished every moment of what continues to be an amazing journey of self-discovery!

December 2019

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Helped shape my vision into a concrete plan

Emma has been amazing at working with me to develop my social enterprise. She took the time to listen, understand and then reflect back to me my vision for the organisation. This developed into a really engaging discussion and workshopping of ideas, which helped me to cement my values and purpose into a more concrete plan. 

October 2020

Emma is highly skilled in her approach

Our coaching sessions enabled me to fully appreciate the importance of communicating a vision which both aligns with personal / organisation values alongside those of potential customers and clients. Emma is highly skilled in her approach : ) 

Before I knew it, she had practically presented my business plan to me and gave me the confidence to continue in the knowledge that my idea was not only a good idea to me, but a fully viable business proposition. Thank you Emma, you have made a BIG difference. 

November 2019

My life changed with a new role that matched my career goals

I worked with Emma when I was faced with a dilemma about my career.  Comfortable but bored in my senior role within a company I had been with for 14 years, Emma helped me deconstruct my thoughts about what motivated me at work, then re-building them to come up with a very accurate picture of what I wanted to do. Just 3 months later my life changed with a new role that precisely matched my career goals.  The process was easy, as Emma took me through various stages of self assessment to understand what made me tick.

July 2018

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