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Ways to live with global uncertainty

As I write this I’m aware that just thinking about COVID-19 and the situation we find ourselves in has raised my heart rate and created a sick feeling in my stomach. Things feel out of our control in a way most of us will never have experienced before. Resisting this reality will only serve to make us feel worse.

For some, they may be experiencing panic, fear, anxiety and other difficult emotions for the first time. For those that have existing mental health challenges, this situation may be triggering them and creating further mental anguish. Both as someone who struggles with anxiety at times and as a trained counsellor (the two aren’t mutually exclusive : )) I want to help people who find themselves feeling overwhelmed.

I find comfort and calmness in focusing each day on:

  • Limiting my reading and listening of the news and getting up to date information from specific sources such as the NHS and Government
  • Doing the practical things I can do as an individual to help keep myself, my family and community as safe as possible
  • Talking to family and friends – about things other than COVID-19
  • Having a set of tasks to achieve
  • Listening to calming and interesting podcasts such as Eckhart Tolle and Oprah discussing A New Earth
  • Taking some exercise
  • Noticing my breath
  • Focusing on the present moment
  • Knowing that, as with all things, this too shall pass

Many of my existing clients are using the therapy space to talk through their worries about the current situation and, in sharing them out loud, acknowledging our shared sense of powerlessness, they are more able to focus on the areas they can control and let go of what they can’t. They are more able to live each day fully, with purpose, and more able to sleep at night.

Limited offer for introductory counselling sessions

To support people who are feeling overwhelmed by the current situation alongside discounting my standard counselling services I am offering special 30 minute phone or video sessions for £25. These can be one-off conversations or ongoing. If you or someone you know feel they would benefit from having a therapeutic conversation please get in touch.

Last Updated on 28 July, 2021