Supervision for Professional Therapists
An Integrative Approach

Supervision for Professional Therapists

Supervision is an important element of a counsellor’s practice. It provides a supportive space to talk through different client challenges, to build your skills, knowledge and insight and to consider, more broadly, how you are feeling in and with your counselling practice.

An Integrative Approach

I use an integrative approach to supervision – drawing on different supervision models and my own experiences as a practicing therapist. I aim to create a safe, collaborative space for therapists – where they feel comfortable to bring whatever they feel is most pressing from their practice.  I understand the stresses that therapists can be under and offer time and space for reflection, emotional expression, sitting with uncertainty and celebrating growth and successes. 

As part of my supervision offer I consider the learning requirements of therapists, their emotional resilience and, together, we consider aspects that may impact the safety and effectiveness of their work. 

I bring a coaching style to my sessions to help build self-awareness and confidence. Whilst the core model I use is Proctor’s Formative, Normative and Restorative, I draw on other ‘lenses’ to offer a creative, energising space for discussion, restoration and learning. I aim to create a space where you feel able to share freely without fear of criticism, and feel comfortable to ask me wide-ranging questions. 

Diagram of an integrated approach to supervision, where Formative, Normative and Restorative lenses overlap

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